10 things you don’t realise you’ll need when setting up a publishing house (or stuff you’ve taken for granted before)…

1              It’s weird not having an ISBN prefix and having to get one raised.  Happily we have one now – 978-1-4714.  We did think we HKB few could get a tattoo, Lord of the Rings crew style, but then we realised that was taking it a bit far.

2              Who supplies the loo paper?

3              There are no books on our shelves yet.  It feels wrong. We’ve all been bringing in books from home so we have some around.

4              When a Nespresso machine turns up in the entrance to a building, it comes with a man in a suit (who is not George Clooney, or even remotely like him) who shows you how to use it.  We are being taught, in public, how to use a coffee machine by a man in a suit.  I am 36.  I am embarrassed.  (OK, just been to the entrance hall and shown how to use it.  Am impressed.  Have 3 free capsules I may use up within the next couple of hours…)

5              How do you lock up?  In big places you just leave and Security looks after all that.  Here it’s just us, so we all run out of the door at roughly the same time and then desperately try to remember the alarm code.  Or we just leave Jon to do it. He’s good with numbers.

6              The most amazing thing (apart from the whole being here at the beginning of something very special) was the fact we could work out exactly what meetings we needed to have.  More importantly, what meetings we’d sat through in past lives that we didn’t need to have.  We can do everything from scratch.

7              The offices are ours to decorate with stuff.  No-one’s been here before to put up posters / buy small tables.  You become obsessed with interior design and vintage lamps.  It’s all a bit new house-y.

8              Do we have a recycling bin?  Who collects it? Can we put in food containers?

9              There’s a whole new world of coffee shops out there.  Loads of them.  All slightly different.

10           Where do you buy plasters? We think the nearest pharmacy is 10 mins walk away.  Although there are a couple of supermarkets near, but they have massive queues from 12:45 onwards…