New Recruits at Hot Key Books!

Since our last introduction, we have added FOUR new members to the Hot Key team! Which of course we are super excited about, because it gives us a reason to bake welcome cakes. And then eat welcome cakes.

So without further ado, I introduce to you two new boys – Jan and Tristan, take a bow!

Jan Bielecki, Design Assistant

Jan designed the gorgeous cover of A World Between Us, so we were totally thrilled when he landed the job here at Hot Key. He’s Swedish, speaks three languages, is a Central St. Martin’s graduate and has some mad dancing skills. As of yet, we don’t know what his favourite biscuits are.

Tristan Hanks, Production Controller

Tristan was involved in the production of nearly ten million Where’s Wally books, so he can probably tell you where Wally is if you ask nicely. He’s been with Harcourt Education and Walker Books, and now has a desk right next to Dom, Jon, Jan, Jet and the photocopier in boy’s corner. And we know he likes biscuits, because on his first day he asked very politely if he could have a Hob Nob from the kitchenette.

Come back tomorrow to meet the two new girls- and if you want to know more about the boys, check out our About page!