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We Were Liars on the Underground

Yesterday we released 200 copies of WE WERE LIARS on the London Underground with the fantastic @BooksUndergrnd. We got up SUPER early in order to find some empty seats to leave books on and this was the result: We’ve been out west delivering #WeWereLiars to London’s commuters this morning #booksontheunderground... More

Reading Music #1 – WE WERE LIARS

Sometimes it’s a certain scent, sometimes it’s the exact spot you were sitting, sometimes it’s a phrase. They’re all triggers that take you straight back to how you felt when you read THAT book. The one that you just couldn’t stop thinking about while you were reading it, the one... More

We Were Liars

A Zoella Bookclub title 2016 1. Read this book. 2. On reaching the final page, you may experience an urgent need to read it all over again. 3. Check your friends have read it. 4. NOW YOU ARE FREE TO TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT ENDLESSLY Winner of Goodreads Best… More

We Were in Love: The WE WERE LIARS pitch story

Last Wednesday, we were tipped off about a fantastic, must-read book that is being published in the US in May that lots of people are talking about. We got the manuscript and started to read, and read, and immediately got hooked. Today, just over a week later we are over... More

A Fond Farewell

About three years ago, I wrote the very first Hello World blog post from Hot Key Books: Shortly thereafter, we started the Dear Auntie Hot Key feature, bringing an unfortunate amount of seekers of hot aunties to our blog. Our first guest post was from the fabulous Dawn O’Porter asking about notes people... More

Top Ten Tuesday: Books We Read in 1 Day

Sometimes a book just grabs you and refuses to let go. For this Top Ten Tuesday we’ve compiled a list of books that we finished in one day. They all vary in page count, but they have one thing in common: we couldn’t put them down! Actually, I am quite... More

YALC – If you weren't there

We arrived at 8:15 on Saturday morning and walked past HUNDREDS of people in fantastic costumes. We felt a tiny bit guilty as we flashed our badges, and skipped the queue, then we rushed to set up our stand before the onslaught. From 9am sharp, Earls Court exploded in a... More

#LiarsLiveRead Roundup

Last Saturday we hosted the #liarsliveread, where we read WE WERE LIARS by E. Lockhart together! We gave you pages to respond to and we absolutely loved all your Tweets and hand pictures. Today we want to share some of the highlights with you, in case you missed it or... More


Today is not your average Thursday – because today is also the UK publication day of E. Lockhart’s WE WERE LIARS! *throws 99 red balloons* We’ve written before about how this book quite literally swept us away when it first came in on submission – there was dead silence in... More

E. Lockhart heads on a road trip for HOW TO BE BAD #LockhartRoadTrip

We are so excited to announce that E. Lockhart, the author of 2014’s smash hit YA novel WE WERE LIARS is set to visit the UK in July and will be hitting the road to promote the reissue of HOW TO BE BAD – a novel written alongside authors Lauren... More

Authors in the Office

There are always fun things going on at Hot Key HQ! Sometimes authors pop into the office for a meeting and of course we can never resist to film some fun videos. When Edward Carey, author and illustrator of HEAP HOUSE and FOULSHAM, came to visit a couple of weeks... More

Top Ten Tuesday: E. Lockhart Live Edition

It’s Top Ten Tuesday and want to share 10 things you can do to prepare yourself for our Google Hangout with E Lockhart, author of WE WERE LIARS, THE DISREPUTABLE HISTORY OF FRANKIE LANDAU-BANKS and HOW TO BE BAD, this Saturday at 3PM! 1. RSVP to the live stream so... More