A Day in the Life of an Editorial Assistant (Part 1)

When you pluck a book off a shelf, you probably don’t see the invisible army behind each page — the bunches of people who helped the author take those pages from unedited manuscript to shiny finished copy. So this week, we’re giving you an all-access pass into the lives of some of the most important people in the publishing process — “the assistants”. We’re going to talk to assistants from all our departments to give you a better sense of what they do, and how they help get that beautiful book into your hands.

If you want to ask any of our assistants a question about their jobs, just post it in the comments below their blog and they’ll get back to you ASAP. Enjoy!

Today, we’re peering into the life of one of Hot Key Books’ Editorial Assistants, Naomi Colthurst. Since Naomi started at Hot Key Books in 2011, she has organised a lot of book fair schedules, written countless AIs (Advanced Information sheets that are used for selling), and called for dozens and dozens of taxis.

Naomi Colthurst low resHi, I’m Naomi – hopefully this video will explain a little bit more about what I get up to on a day-to-day basis and what you might be expected to do if you’re interested in becoming an Editorial Assistant. Be warned: most of my job is NOT reading!