A Fond Farewell

About three years ago, I wrote the very first Hello World blog post from Hot Key Books:

First Hot Key blog

Shortly thereafter, we started the Dear Auntie Hot Key feature, bringing an unfortunate amount of seekers of hot aunties to our blog. Our first guest post was from the fabulous Dawn O’Porter asking about notes people passed in class to include in her forthcoming book Paper Aeroplanes and then, of course, came the emotional Highs and Lows of Publishing after being rejected by two big authors in one week.Movie A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

Since then, the Hot Key Blog has been viewed 325,000 times.

Now, I am writing my last blog post for Hot Key. I am happy and sad. You can find out why I’m leaving on the Bookseller Futurebook site, but for now I just want to reminisce about my favourite blog posts:

I will always love the Amy Ocelot “job opening” to Sanne Vliegenthart “best application” handover, great for anyone looking to get a job in publishing. In fact, the whole set of blogs on getting a job in publishing are brilliant, especially the videos.

The trials and tribulations of our tireless litter picker, our very unusual intern from Victorian times, and blogs about how we actually win the pitches for books we love, like We Were Liars by E Lockhart.


Sara OC sad rejections

And I will never forget my leaving song before I went on maternity leave: (You guys rock.)

So, as I leave now, with Taylor Swift songs bouncing around in my head, I send a huge thank you to all the lovely people I’ve worked with in house and all of you AMAZING, passionate readers out in the real world. It’s been a joy.