A note on your notes, from Dawn

After the fantastic response to this post a few weeks ago, we have a note on your notes from Dawn Porter herself…So thank you all for taking part, and enjoy:

Oh my goodness me these made me laugh so much. The ‘THIS IS A BOMB’ one really got me. I can just imagine you guys standing there thinking ‘what? What did we do??’ Priceless!

Also the ‘I am Gay’ one had me cringing. Your poor mum probably didn’t know what to do with herself. That is the thing about notes, to anyone else the humour doesn’t translate and unless you are the one sending or receiving, trying to work out the truth can be seriously tricky. Notes are like diaries, other people SHOULD NEVER read them, but they don’t hold that same level of privacy that people respect about diaries. And because they get passed around so freely it is a dangerous game!!

And as for the dropping-of-the-notebook-to-pass-a-note scenario. We used to do that. It involved a really elaborate drop, followed by a really conspicuous pick up. We got caught loads. Why is it that when you are trying to be subtle you are SO conspicuous?

Thanks for all these. I loved them and may well include some in the book. If I do you will be sure to get a mention in the acknowledgments and a free copy.

Will keep you posted

Dawn x 

(You can follow Dawn on Twitter @hotpatooties)