All Our Money Goes On Books!

blazing world

Here’s our book haul for this month. Judge our tastes if you will, but you can’t accuse us of not supporting our own industry.

I went on holiday in Reykjavik earlier this month so I have the book I bought for the journey and the book I bought when I was there. The former is an early forerunner of sci-fi – THE BLAZING WORLD was published in 1666 by Margaret Cavendish, the Duchess of Newcastle.  It’s a brilliant read and it was a fantastic vehicle for Cavendish to launch into her views on how nature worked, how political systems should run and how she was obviously still annoyed that her husband had lost vast amounts of assets during the Civil War.

Whilst there I bought GNARR: HOW I BECAME THE MAYOR OF A LARGE CITY IN ICELAND AND CHANGED THE WORLD, the political manifesto and thoughts of comedian and actor Jon Gnarr, the former mayor of Reykjavik who ran for office due to his dislike of the politics that was happening around him. What initially started as a joke (and a comedy sketch) quickly snowballed into something that took the people of Reykjavik by storm.  It’s fascinating, thoughtful, and written with the driest sense of humour. Kate



I had been quite good this month… until going totally bonkers this weekend! Firstly, my pre-order of THE ROSIE EFFECT ebook came through – really excited to read this, as I loved THE ROSIE PROJECT after reading it for the Hot Key Book Club (you can listen to what the rest of the team thought here).  At the Whitechapel Gallery’s London Art Book Fair I ended up buying Noam Chomsky’s ON ANARCHISM; then later on that day at Garth Nix’s brilliant evening event in Norwich Waterstones, bookseller Elspeth recommended me Anna Jones’ cookbook and I bought it there and then – it’s packed full of interesting and easy veggie recipes, a combination that fits my kitchen requirements perfectly! Cait


SNOWDROPS is one of those books I’ve been meaning to read for ages and then always forget to buy – but I’ve finally got a copy (thanks Sanne!). I love a crime novel and the fact that this reads, according to the back cover, like “Graham Greene on steroids” pushed this up my TBR pile. I’m just over half way through now and am thoroughly enjoying it; my hour-long Tube ride this weekend whizzed by, though for the majority of it I was mentally running away from the crooked Russian businessman that was following me. Or so SNOWDROPS convinced me. Then again, you never know who you could be sitting next to on the Tube … Livs

So what’s in your September haul?