Behind the Scenes with Dawn O'Porter & the 2014 GOOSE Tour


It’s one of the best parts of being in sales, marketing or PR. You’ll probably end up spending lots of time on trains and eating too many frazzles/ drinking too much coffee – but actually getting to meet the booksellers, librarians and fans who love the books you’re working on is what makes all the planning worthwhile!

Earlier this April, we got the chance to accompany the oh-so-excellent Dawn O’Porter on her #GooseTour and it was nothing less that ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to see the fans who turned up to events across the UK and Ireland. But don’t take my word for it… what goes on tour is less likely to stay on tour when you’re filming it, after all… [WARNING: FEATURES VERY CUTE PUG].

THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone who came out on #GooseTour – and thank you Kettle Chips for making sure we were well fed!! ; )

You can order GOOSE and also PAPER AEROPLANES directly from our website right here – and if you don’t already follow Dawn on twitter, find her @hotpatooties!