Blog on Blog(s) – part two

Following on from yesterday and our first post from some lovely book bloggers, here is our second spotlight on the world of blogging – read on for some internet inspiration…

Name & Blog

Vivienne Dacosta – Serendipity Reviews

Tell us a bit about your blog…

Serendipity is a book blog which specialises in teen fiction but I do review some adult books too. I also feature authors on the blog in different interviews and guest posts. Basically it is my little place on the Internet where I get to drool about books!

How did you start blogging?

I began my blog back in January 2009 where I tended to blog about a mixture of different things, including books, scrapping and home life. A couple of my friends had blogs and I thought I would give it a go. Before I began my own blog, I had spent the previous months reading blogs and loving a feature called The Sunday Salon; every week everyone would list their book news; what they had read, what books they had bought and what they were looking forward too. So I was desperate to join in.

The blog became specifically a teen book blog in the beginning of 2011 when I joined Twitter…

What’s the best thing about blogging?

I have got to meet some incredible people. I am lucky and extremely thankful to be invited to meet my favourite authors at book launches and blogger brunches. I have met a wonderful group of likeminded bloggers who I can say are now good friends. I probably talk to them more than I do my own family. I get to hear about exciting book developments and new publications early. Also I often get provided with advance copies of publications which are make me very happy.

As an unpublished writer, book blogging has given me a deeper understanding of the market I am writing for. I have gained so much valuable knowledge from the authors and bloggers that I have spoken to in the past.

What kind of books are you most excited about reviewing?

Teen books without a doubt. Teen fiction in any genre is just so exciting at the moment. It is fresh and original and I can’t get enough of it. I love dystopian, historical and contemporary. The only books I tend to really steer clear of are ones with zombies in. I hate zombies!

Who are your favourite authors?

Where shall I start? Zoe Marriott, Michelle Harrison, Jenna Burtenshaw, Josie Angelini, Luisa Plaja, Keris Stainton, Sarah Alderson, Phil Earle and Liz Kessler to name but a few. There are some fabulous debut authors out too at the moment; James Dawson; Edward Hogan; Dave Cousins; CJ Daugherty; Sara Grant and Ruth Warburton have brought out some amazing books this year. On reading through that list, I realised I do feel rather passionate about the emerging UK YA market!

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

It depends what you want from your blog. Some people just want somewhere to talk about books; others like me become addicted and spend too much time on there. Blogging isn’t easy.

I would recommend reading and commenting on other people’s blogs. Come and get to know us we are an extremely friendly and helpful bunch.

Blog as much as you can. Don’t start by thinking you want to blog every day, otherwise you will burn out really quickly. When I started, I used to blog a couple of times a week. It is only now that I blog every day, but then I read books a lot quicker now than I did.

Set up a Twitter account. We all talk regularly on there together.

I hope this helps. I feel bad that I may corrupt another victim to start a blog which will ultimately take their life!


Name & blog

My name is Michelle and my blog is called Much Loved Books

Tell us a bit about your blog…

Much Loved Books is a place for me to share my thoughts and feelings on books I have read. It’s just a small way of me getting my opinion out there and to see what others think. I review 99% of the book I read, the 1% being my own books that I read to break things up a bit or books that I just couldn’t finish.

How did you start blogging?

I read a lot, possibly too much and I wanted a way to get my thoughts out there so I made my blog and posted reviews of my own books or books I got from Netgalley. I didn’t expect anyone to want to read it so I am surprised by the amount of people who follow it already.

What’s the best thing about blogging?

Meeting fellow bloggers who share the same likes as me, meeting new people who stop by and getting a chance to see what others are reading or recommend. Being invited to blogging events is great too, and although I have been invited to a few I have only ever attended one due to travel expenses and time off work.

Being one of the first people to get to read a book due for release in a few months is pretty amazing too.

What kind of books are you most excited about reviewing?

I tend to read a big variety of books and genres, although lately most of my books fall under the YA category, but any new book gets me excited, getting to turn the pages of a new story and fall into the world created is always a great experience.

Who are your favourite authors?

How long can the list be?? 😉

I have quite a few authors; my favourites from when I was younger are David Eddings and J. R.R. Tolkien. A few newer favourites are J. K. Rowling, Kelley Armstrong, Ilona Andrews, Rachel Vincent, Rachel Caine, Jeyn Roberts, and Will Hill. The list is endless. 😀

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

Get a plan in mind before you start and stick to it. Don’t make lots of requests for books all in one go it takes a while to catch up, especially after seeing lots of new releases on Netgalley. I went into blogging with my eyes closed with a plan to review my own books; 6 months on I still have to review over 50 of my own books as they got left behind for the books I got from publishers/authors/Netgalley for review.

Its also hard work, I am just about managing to work full time, read, review and post on my blog but it’s taken a while to get there.

Scheduling posts is your best friend and if you can plan ahead to do this then it leaves a lot of free time to network and visit other blogs.

Blog for yourself and not for others and try to have fun!!!!!


Thanks Vivienne and Michelle! : )