Blogger Policy

Hot Key Books Blogger Policy

We love and appreciate the energy and effort that you early readers put in to your blogs and channels, helping to spread the word about our books. But the more enquiries that we get, the trickier it is to manage everything, so we’ve set out a blogger process and policy.

We have a Blogger and YouTuber database that will be updated on specified Blogger Call Days, four times a year. These quarterly Call Days will be broadcasted on Twitter – we aren’t usually able to add new people to our database outside of these dates, so please keep an eye on our social media channels and wait until the specified day before emailing Keynotes.

Being part of the database means that you will receive alerts as to when ARCs are available, which you will then be able to request while stocks last.

We send review copies to the UK, Ireland and Europe. If you live outside these territories, we’ll pass on your details and requests to the distributors nearest to you.

Unless the circumstances are exceptional, we do not send out blogger review copies of books already published.

We only have limited review copies, so some decisions on what we send will have to be at our discretion.

You should be aware of ASA and CAP rules about advertising. We do not pay for reviews nor control what you write in your review – and you are not obligated to review a book we send you. Read more here: ASA Blurring Advertising and Blogs and here: CAP New Words on the Blog.

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