Book Art: Miniature Library

Hello, my name is Sara O’Connor and I am a total geek.


I have a book obssession, hence my work in books. I also love all things in miniature, hence acquiring books like SHRUNK! by Fleur Hitchcock and making miniature editions of it. I am also a Buffy obsessive. With a lot of spare time and a bit of money, my obssessions resulted in me spending about two years trying to build a to-scale model of the library in Sunnydale High School for my extensive Buffy action figure collection.


Alas, when I moved to London from New York, most of the model didn’t make it (the big plywood pieces cut to shape that were the two levels), but all the best pieces did – and so for our Book Art post today, I get to show off all the GORGEOUS miniature books I bought for my model, mostly from the amazingly talented: EV Miniatures. I’ve spent SO much money on her amazing creations, which I now show off to you all.



Many of them open to reveal tiny pictures or the actual texts of books. This one is of celestial maps. (I’ve got The Raven and Romeo and Juliet as well.)



Those are my feature books, casually strewn across the table, left from when the Scooby gang were doing their research, in among all the axes and crossbows. To complete my model, I had to buy some filler books for all the background shelves:


IMG_6975   IMG_6964



And here is the only surviving, terrible-quality photo of my model-in-progress, with action figures in place. And a quick shout out to my husband who hand crafted the table lamps out of a cassette tape case and 5 p pieces for me, because I couldn’t find just the right thing. Reader, I married him.


Love mini books? You MUST browse through the University of Iowa’s special collection (with gifs!) which, I might need to move to Iowa and dust the shelves, if they would just let me touch them…