Book Art: Newspaper Nails

Want to show off your love for books in a creative way? Let’s try some bookish nail art!IMG_7196I’ve seen these newspaper nails around the Internet plenty of times, but I’d never tried it myself. So let’s go through it step by step and see what we end up with.

This is what you’ll need:IMG_7161 IMG_7169– Nail varnish (in a light color, anything from white to beige or pale pink)
– Top coat
– Rubbing alcohol (70%)
– Newspapers

Step one: paint your nails with two layers of your preferred color and let it dry for quite a while! I painted my nails the night before.

Step two: gather some small bits of newspaper. Make sure they don’t have any words on them that you’d rather not have on your nails. (It’s probably a good idea to skip past the crime section).

Step three: dip a finger into the rubbing alcohol. I only did it for a couple of seconds, but see what works best for you. Trial and error is the best description of my experience.

Step four: press a piece of newspaper on the nail for a couple of seconds. When you remove the paper, the letters should have transferred to your nail!

Step five: let it dry for a while and apply a top coat to lock in the ink and make your nails shiny.

IMG_7194The result:

I used my left hand as a test hand. The middle finger was the first one I did and I think I kept it in the alcohol too long and then pressed too hard on the newspaper, because there’s a bit of newspaper stuck in the middle! The other fingers turned out pretty well.

IMG_7204This was another test. I was curious what a sudoku pattern would look like. IMG_7195And finally the right hand. I was a bit more cautious with this one. I only dipped the nails into the rubbing alcohol for a second and pressed the newspaper on for a short time. Like I said before: trial and error!

So now you know how to make your own bookish nails. Of course we would love to see some pictures of you trying at home. And if you @reply us a picture on Twitter @HotKeyBooks you might win a copy of a Hot Key book of your choice. (UK and Ireland only, closes Friday 14th Feb at midnight GMT). Bonus points if your picture includes one of our books (okay, not really, but I think it would look great.)

Have fun!