Book Recommendations Based on your Netflix Faves

We’ve all been watching a lot more Netflix lately, so we thought we’d put together a Netflix-inspired book list to help you discover your new favourites!


If you loved Queer Eye, you should read Big Bones by Laura Dockrill and The Last Paper Crane by Kerry Drewery

Who doesn’t wish the Fab Five could come into their lives and spend a week transforming them? Whilst these books won’t give you a brand new house from Bobby, we can promise you good vibes. For Karamo and Jonathan-style learning to love yourself, you should definitely check out Big Bones by Laura Dockrill – it will warm your heart. We also couldn’t get enough of Queer Eye Japan, so for Japanese culture and history plus those tear-jerking moments of self-acceptance and letting go, The Last Paper Crane by Kerry Drewery is the one for you.

If you loved Marriage Story, you should read Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo

Marriage Story broke our hearts when we watched Adam Driver and Scarlette Johansson go through a seriously messy divorce (*sob*). If super-sad family drama is your thing, Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo is the one for you (although we do promise there are plenty of uplifting moments too). Plus, with breathtakingly beautiful writing, this is basically Oscar-worthy cinematography in book form.


If you loved The Witcher, you should read Cruel Prince by Holly Black and Thorn by Intisar Khanani 

Medieval-feeling high fantasy with a big old adventure is a real favourite of ours, so OF COURSE we loved The Witcher. But if you want a new story with plenty of royal sneakiness, deception and trickery then you should try Cruel Prince by Holly Black. For witches, curses and a transformed princess, give Thorn by Intisar Khanani a try.


If you loved Stranger Things, you should read The Twisted Tree by Rachel Burge

Stranger Things is one of the scariest things on Netflix in our opinion – between Demogorgans, the Mind Flayer and the Flayed, we had nightmares for weeks that could only be soothed by 80’s music. But if you want more of the creepy, goose-bump inducing chills then you have to try The Twisted Tree by Rachel Burge. Martha can tell things about people just by touching their clothes (weird mind abilities anyone?) and there’s a terrifying creature, mystery and plenty of terror to keep you on your toes.


If you loved Love, Wedding, Repeat, you should read Again, Again by E. Lockhart


Who doesn’t love imagining the endless ‘what if’ scenarios that come with romantic situations? If you loved knowing what happened in every parallel universe in Love, Wedding, Repeat then you’re going to adore Again, Again by E. Lockhartwhere our protagonist gets to fall in love *countless* times.


If you loved To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, you should read Bookshop Girl by Chloe Coles

Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before made for one of the most wholesome YA adaptations ever to grace Netflix. If you want more of those innocent feel-good vibes with lols a-plenty, then Bookshop Girl by Chloe Coles is the way to go. It’s light-hearted, funny *and* it’s about saving a local bookshop – what’s not to love?


If you loved You, you should read We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Nothing gives us chills quite like Joe from You, and if you want more mystery, creepiness, and an unreliable narrator then We Were Liars by E. Lockhart is the read for you. Cadence, her family and the Liars are some of the most complex characters in YA, and we can guarantee you won’t see the twist coming.


If you loved 13 Reasons Why, you should read All the Things We Never Said by Yasmin Rahman

Speaking of sad stories, 13 Reasons Why is one of the most heartbreaking things we’ve ever seen. If you love having a good old sad-cry and feeling a little bit on edge, All the Things We Never Said by Yasmin Rahman has a brilliantly intricate and emotionally charged plot all about suicide-pacts and female friendship.