Books versus Brain Rot

A twelve-year-old reader of CLOCKWISE TO TITAN decided that she would rather write a book review than decay slowly in front of an Xbox. Thanks, gingerwalrus34527, who also gives some great advice on bullying on her tumblr.


This book was actually sent to me by a kind soul, who stripped [me of] the chance to stumble upon it on a rare water stones adventure. It was one of the few books I wanted to read because of the cover.

A boy called Mo decides that after an incident it’s time to make an attempt escape out of the grey, dank prison that is the institute with his friend Moth and, to his dismay, his friend Harete.

What I liked about this book was, trying to control the cheesiness flowing from my fingertips now, was that the simple plot (a prison escape) could be so twisted into a surprising, gritty and purely cool story. One plot twist took me completely by surprise which I’ll let you discover yourself. I really loved this book and lived through every turn with the trio. I especially loved the little flashbacks.

I need to read the sequel damnit!!

Note to any school friends; I’m not a swot doing book reviews, I’d rather do this than decay slowly in front of an Xbox.


And, now, just for you GingerWalrus, here is a sneaky pre-final release of the cover of the companion book, which comes out next year. (I’m being quite naughty posting this, so please don’t tell anyone.)

Awe of Mercury