Books > Wifi router: a Book Art DIY Project

A while ago I spotted this brilliant DIY project, and now I hereby present to you, dear reader, this very simple and quick book art project to beautify your wifi router. What better way than by disguising it as a book?

(Also, please note I’m trying very hard to use pictures and hardly any words here.)

1a Raw Router

Here is my wifi router. It’s nice and white but it’s also rather glowy. It would be nice if it wasn’t so obvious.

Book at start

Step 1: Find a book you like the cover of but aren’t that fussed about its insides. I spent £0.99 at Oxfam for the above and got a good feeling about helping charity, to counter the bad feeling of messing with a book. But, I like this 1960s Faber & Faber cover much more than I do reading an old US Lieutenant’s views on Cold War wars. (NB, choose a book that is larger than your router, or you’ll be cursing yourself at the end of the project.)

2 Title page

 60p. It looks like this book had already been sold on second hand before. It’s had a good life.

3 Starting to score

Step 2: Use a sharp craft knife or scalpel to cut out the pages from as close to the inner spine as you dare. NB, the sharper the blade the better. Mine was rather dull and I ran into a few problems with shards of paper backing up at the bottom of the page.4 Few pages in

First few pages coming out already, barely seconds into the project.

5 Smell the book

At this stage you can stop to take in the lovely old-book smell.

6 Many pages out

Step 3: Proceed until you have removed all the pages.

7 Naked case

 Step 4: Take a moment to think about what you’ve done.

8 Importing

Step 5: Set the router inside the book case.

9 Ta daa!

 Step 6: You’re done. Enjoy!