100 Days of April-May

Edyth Bulbring
"April-May is back, and this time she's brought friends!"
100 Days of April-May – picture

April-May is back, and this time she’s brought friends!

April-May is back for another year at Trinity College, and she still hasn’t changed her socks.

Sebastian, aka Edward, aka the boy with the lime-green eyes, is still drop-dead gorgeous and totally bad news. But then Fatty turns up. A giant of a boy who eats stew sandwiches and cries when no one’s looking. And he’s best friends with Sebastian. Awkward.

Juggling the evil teacher Mrs Ho as her new live-in mom, along with a new brother (the devious Sam Ho), and a house with half a roof, April-May’s life is as much of a mess as the crummy extension Fluffy is building out back. Before she knows it April-May is in an all-night dance-off and she’s adopted a dog called Alistair. The less said about him the better. No wonder April-May’s in counselling. It’s a shame that she’s the one giving all the guidance.

100 DAYS OF APRIL-MAY is the hilarious one-eyebrow-raised sequel to A MONTH WITH APRIL-MAY as she finds love, loses a dog and wins the World Cup.

Publication Date: Thu 5 Sep 2013
ISBN Paperback: 9781471400513
ISBN Ebook: 9781471400520



Edyth Bulbring

Edyth Bulbring was born in Boksburg, South Africa and grew up in Port Elizabeth. She attended the University of Cape Town where she completed a BA whilst editing the University newspaper Varsity. Having worked as a journalist for fifteen years, including time spent as the political correspondent at the Sunday Times of South Africa covering the first ever democratic elections, Edyth moved into writing full time. Edyth is the author of A MONTH WITH APRIL-MAY and ONE HUNDRED DAYS OF APRIL-MAY.


It's all Melly's fault. She's one hundred per cent to blame for landing me with Fatty. If she'd been around it wouldn't have happened. None of it. It's the first day of my Grade Nine year at Trinity College. I am seated at the back of the classroom with my head buried in a crossword puzzle. The clue for six letters across is: Missing. I scribble ABSENT on the page and look at the seat next to me. It's empty. VACANT. My best friend Melly is away this term. She's having an operation on her lungs at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town to make her breathe like a normal person. She left yesterday, panting all over me through her mouth. 'Please don't mess up while I'm away, April-May. Try to keep your head down and your mouth shut,' Melly said. I told her that I always keep my mouth shut - she's the one who can't breathe though her nose. Melly presented me with a bracelet made from a piece of leather and five ceramic beads which read: WWMD? (What Would Melly Do?). She says that if I'm ever in a tricky situation I must look at my wrist, pause, and consider my actions before leaping into boiling water. Melly's only been absent a day and I miss her badly. I feel HOLLOW (six letters).