American Savage

Matt Whyman
"The sharp and hilarious second book in THE SAVAGES series about an everyday family with some not-so-everyday problems..."
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The sharp and hilarious second book in THE SAVAGES series about an everyday family with some not-so-everyday problems…

Vegan, veggie, carnivore… humanitarian? Welcome to the top of the food chain.

The Savages are back – this time in a country where servings come supersized. Titus, Angelica and the kids go to great lengths to fit into their new lives in sunny Florida. But that’s not easy when their appetite runs to feasts of human flesh.

In this dark comic serving of everyday family life with contemporary cannibals, the Savages seek to hide in plain sight by setting up a vegan café. But when the venture turns out to be a surprise sensation, and bad apples bob to the surface, Titus is forced to question whether the family have finally bitten off more than they can chew.

Publication Date: Thu 5 Jun 2014
ISBN Paperback: 9781471400698
ISBN Ebook: 9781471400704



Matt Whyman

Matt Whyman is the author of several critically-acclaimed novels including BOY KILLS MAN and THE SAVAGES, as well as the bestselling comic memoir, WALKING WITH SAUSAGE DOGS. Matt is the former agony uncle for Bliss magazine and part of the team on Radio 1's weekly advice show, The Surgery. He lives in West Sussex with his wife and four children. Find out more about Matt at and on Twitter: @mattwhyman


Ivan sat there with his helmet in his hands, as if it was a skull in need of crushing. 'Damn them all,' he muttered, with his own team in mind. 'Those guys should just learn to pass properly.' Was it his fault that his teammates deliberately hurled the ball at him, knowing he lacked their handling skills? OK, so he was smaller and slighter than the other players out there, but nobody gave him a chance, and that included the coach. Ivan could barely break into a trot without being whistled off and placed on water-boy duties. Then there was the opposition. Just what was the point of slamming him to the ground like that? It was asking for payback. The boy sat there, stewing, and tried to take his mind off things by making another stab at understanding how the hell this game was supposed to be played. If only Ivan could get his head around the rules. American football remained his perfect path to being accepted at high school. It was the country's national sport, after all. Embracing it as an outsider would earn him lasting friendships, or so he had believed at first. Nobody at school knew Ivan's true origins, of course. His father had ensured that their cover story was foolproof. Even so, he had expected his classmates to show a little more willingness to engage, rather than teasing him about his accent and calling him an oddball. Ivan had arrived at school eager to integrate as he knew best. Unfortunately, unspeakably sick jokes and magic tricks involving pins and razor blades that tended to result in minor injuries for his volunteers failed to bring him respect, admiration or friendship. Instead, it had earned him several visits to the high-school principal's office. On calling in the boy's parents, and tabling the prospect of expulsion, he had been assured by Titus and Angelica that Ivan was simply a determined soul. Everything he had done, despite being misguided, was driven by his need for acceptance. That's when the principal had suggested that a team sport might be the way forward, with no concept whatsoever that as the school years progressed it would be his undoing.