Big Rock and the Masked Avenger

Jim Eldridge Jan Bielecki
"A total troll smack-down wrestle-fest. Just don't get in the way..."
Big Rock and the Masked Avenger – picture

A total troll smack-down wrestle-fest. Just don’t get in the way…

Jack knows every wrestling move there is to know, and his dreams come true when he’s recruited as a training assistant to Waldo’s Wrestling Trolls. Little does Jack know that he’s actually part troll, and that when his new family is in trouble he morphs into the terrifying Thud! He’ll have to rescue princesses that don’t need rescuing, avoid ambushes by goblins and build a team of Wrestling Trolls to take on Lord Veto’s evil orcs in a battle for the tournament money.
With eight full-colour pages of extra activities included.

Publication Date: Thu 6 Feb 2014
ISBN Paperback: 9781471401930
ISBN Ebook: 9781471401947



Jim Eldridge

Jim Eldridge was born in London in 1944, and after leaving school at the age of sixteen, worked in a variety of jobs, including a stoker at a blast furnace, on a production line and as a transport manager before going to teacher training college. Jim taught in a variety of schools, both primary and secondary, working particularly with children with reading difficulties.

Jim is now an award-winning writer, with over 250 TV, and 250 BBC Radio 4 scripts to his name. He has had 79 books published which have sold over 3 million copies. His television works including THE GHOST HUNTER, JULIA JEKYLL AND HARRIET HYDE and the Sci-Fi series POWERS amongst many others. His radio work includes the long running BBC Radio 4 series KING STREET JUNIOR and the comedy classic PARSLEY SIDINGS. Jim is particularly concerned with the rising rate of illiteracy, particularly amongst boys, and he now lives in Kent, with his wife. Follow Jim at:


'I have a right to be here,' repeated Jack. 'I'm registering my wrestler.' And he indicated Big Rock. Lord Veto looked at the massive figure of Big Rock, and then back at Jack again, still stunned. Warg the Orc had stopped approaching and was watching the scene, aware that something odd was happening, but not sure what. 'Your wrestler?' echoed Lord Veto. 'I'm his assistant trainer,' nodded Jack. 'He is,' said Big Rock, in a deep rumbling voice. A small, smartly dressed dwarf appeared. 'Is there a problem, Lord Veto?' he asked. 'I'm Alexander Hobnob from the Wrestling Federation.' 'There certainly is!' snapped Lord Veto. He pointed an angry finger at Jack. 'I banned this boy from ever coming onto my land again, but here he is claiming to be the trainer of this Wrestling Troll.' 'Assistant trainer,' corrected Jack. He turned to the dwarf and said: 'This is Big Rock.' 'Yes, I know of Big Rock, I've seen him wrestle many times,' said the dwarf. To Big Rock he asked: 'And is this young person your assistant trainer?' 'Yes,' said Big Rock. 'In that case, Lord Veto, the boy is perfectly entitled to be here.' 'But this is my land!' burst out Lord Veto. 'My grounds! My castle!' 'And you have hired them out for the occasion to the Wrestling Federation, so our rules apply,' said Alexander Hobnob. He turned to the clerk sitting behind the registration desk. 'Please register this young man and the troll.' With that, he turned and trotted off. Lord Veto glared at Jack. His face had gone red and his ears were almost purple with rage. Jack was worried that he might actually burst. 'This isn't over, kitchen boy!' he snarled. 'I'll have my own back on you, see if I don't!'