Cell 7

Kerry Drewery
"Should she live or should she die? The decision is yours. A heart-rending, thought-provoking tale of doomed romance"
Cell 7 – picture

A world where justice and the fate of those accused of murder is decided by the public, but has moved on from the Roman Gladiator ‘thumbs up or thumbs down’ public vote, to a public vote by telephone. If you are voted innocent you are set free; if you are voted guilty you are committed to death by electric chair. Those awaiting their sentence reside in ever decreasing cells, getting smaller each day, until Day 7 and Cell 7, where they hear their fate.

Sixteen year old Martha has confessed to killing a famous celebrity. But has she done it? And if not, why has she claimed the murder? Perhaps she wants to show up the flawed and brutal system by sacrificing herself in the hope of a better world….

Or perhaps she is protecting somebody else…

A heart-rending, thought-provoking tale of doomed romance.

Publication Date: Thu 22 Sep 2016
ISBN Paperback: 9781471405594
ISBN Ebook: 9781471405617



Kerry Drewery

Kerry Drewery is the author of two highly acclaimed, more literary YA novels: A BRIGHTER FEAR, 2012 (which was Love Reading 4 Kids Book of the Month and shortlisted for the Leeds Book Award) and A DREAM OF LIGHTS, 2013 (which was nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal, awarded Highly Commended at the North East Teen Book Awards and shortlisted for the Hampshire Independent Schools Book Awards). Both were published by HarperCollins in the UK and Callenbach in The Netherlands.