Ghosts on Board: A SHRUNK! Adventure

Fleur Hitchcock
"Something spooky is happening in Bywater-by-Sea..."
Ghosts on Board: A SHRUNK! Adventure – picture

Something spooky is happening in Bywater-by-Sea…

Victor, the ghost, is desperate to get off dreary Black Hall Island, so he steals a ride on an unsuspecting tourist boat back to Bywater-by-Sea. Two other ghosts – the terribly vain Flora Rose and the lonely but friendly Billy – know he is up to no good, so they follow him. Victor soon realises that the town is not what it seems, and his new ordinary friends, Tom, Jacob and Eric, have some very unusual powers. While Tom is distracted, trying to stop a corporation from building a theme park over his Field Craft hut, Victor sees his opportunity to take over the world.

This SHRUNK story was created on The Story Adventure website, where each week, Fleur wrote a new chapter inspired by ideas from hundreds of school children, whose names are printed in the back of the book.

Publication Date: Thu 1 Jan 2015
ISBN Paperback: 9781471403460
ISBN Ebook: 9781471403477



Fleur Hitchcock

Born in Chobham, by an airfield, and raised in Winchester on the banks of the river Itchen, Fleur Hitchcock grew up as the youngest child of three. When she was eight, she wrote a story about an alien and a jelly. It was called THE ALIEN AND THE JELLY and filled four exercise books. She grew up a little, went away to school near Farnham, studied English in Wales, and, for the next twenty years, sold Applied Art in the city of Bath. When her younger child was seven, she embarked on the Writing for Young People MA at Bath Spa and graduated with a distinction. Now living outside Bath, between parenting and writing, Fleur Hitchcock works with her husband, a toy-maker, looks after other people's gardens and grows vegetables.

Fleur's debut novel SHRUNK! was THE SUNDAY TIMES 'Book of the Week', and you can follow her at: or on Twitter: @fleurhitchcock


'Look,' I say, pointing. 'What's that?' 'Maybe it's like the fog down by the pier,' says Eric. 'Strange atmospheric conditions today.' 'You're seeing things, Model Village,' says Jacob. 'First sign of madness.' 'I don't think . . .' I start, but a voice sounds in my ear, really close, as if it's in my ear itself. 'We should get away from here,' it says. I jump. 'What!?' 'What?' says Eric. 'OW! Victor!' says the voice in my other ear. 'That. Didn't you hear it? A voice?' I stick my finger in my ear and waggle it. 'Surely you must have done?' 'And hearing things,' says Jacob. 'Second sign of madness.' 'Yeeeooooww!' something completely invisible squeals by Eric's feet. 'That,' says Eric, 'is weird. What's going on?' We all stare hard into the air. 'Can you see anything?' I ask. 'No - but I can sort of feel something,' says Eric, dabbing his arms at thin air. 'This is, at last, something interesting,' says Jacob, leaping upright. 'If there's anything there, I'll get 'em. I CAN SEE YOU!' he announces, circling Eric and me, protectively. 'AND I'M A SUPERHERO SO I CAN DEFEAT YOU!' He takes the sweatshirt tied across his middle and flaps it like a cape, before throwing the arms around his neck and tying them together. A huge cloud of faintly glittery dust escapes, briefly filling the air and catching the sunlight. For a second, three figures and a cat appear caught in the dust. Their shapes shimmer in midair, hovering above the model village, and then they disappear, just as fast.