Harvey Drew and the Bling Bots

Cas Lester
"Harvey Drew and the Toxic Spew crew return for another out-of-this-world adventure!"
Harvey Drew and the Bling Bots – picture

Harvey Drew and the Toxic Spew crew return for another out-of-this-world adventure!

Harvey thinks he has the best job in the world: he’s stumbled into being captain of a real live space ship! Except it’s the Toxic Spew – the filthiest, grubbiest, and definitely the most dysfunctional garbage ship in the known galaxy. And with the most argumentative and chaotic crew on board.

While on their way to the next rubbish pick-up, the crew get word of a stranded cargo ship that happens to be carrying the most valuable substance in the Known Universe, and Beyond – Techno-tium. Whoever rescues the cargo gets to claim it. Thinking they will soon be disgustingly rich, the crew aims their ship towards the treasure. But they don’t bet on running into the most notorious and ruthless pirates around: the Bling Bots from the planet Sy-Boorg!

Harvey must try and save the day again – before the Toxic Spew gets disposed of itself, once and for all.

Publication Date: Thu 2 Oct 2014
ISBN Ebook: 9781471402494
ISBN Paperback: 9781471402487



Cas Lester

Cas spent many years having a fabulous time, and a great deal of fun, working in children's television drama with CBBC. She developed and executive produced lots of programmes including JACKANORY, MUDDLE EARTH, THE MAGICIAN OF SAMARKAND, BIG KIDS and THE STORY OF TRACY BEAKER.

Now Cas writes books for children (the HARVEY DREW series; WILFRED THE UNWISE; NIXIE THE BAD, BAD FAIRY). As Patron of Reading at a local primary school, Cas is currently setting up and helping run the school library. She loves working with children and especially doing school visits. She has four children, a daft dog called Bramble and she lives in Oxfordshire. Follow Cas on Twitter: @TheCasInTheCat


Yargal was terrified. Her body oozed thick yellow sweat and strings of slimy grey snot splattered everywhere as she sobbed and hiccupped violently. She was without doubt the most disgusting thing Harvey had ever seen. He froze, staring at her in utter revulsion. Then she flung herself into his arms. SPLAT! (That's the one snag of having a Yargillian on the bridge at a time of crisis. They're very soggy when they panic and they don't keep it to themselves.) 'Save me,' she cried! Oh yuk, thought Harvey, as strands of snot flickered onto his face and trails of gunk slimed his school uniform. But to his enormous credit, he kept both his nerve and his manners. Calmly and gently he pushed her towards the Chief Rubbish Officer, who was the least busy member of the bridge crew at that moment. 'Scrummage, look after Yargal.' ZAP-A-ZAP-A-ZAP! RED ALERT! RED ALERT! WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP! 'What are we going to do?' yelled Maxie, wrestling with the flight controls and desperately trying to keep the ship steady. 'The shields aren't going to stand much more of this, Captain,' warned Gizmo, frantically punching buttons at the engineering desk. The ominously large spaceship, yet again. 'Computer, give me a damage report,' ordered Harvey. BLEEP, BLIBBLE, BLEEP! went the computer, then it said casually, 'Well, I could do, but in all honesty, is it worth it? You're all going to die anyway. I may as well go back to my game.' And it bleeped off. Before the crew could take in this dire, if not totally unexpected news, the ominously large ship that had seemed to be following them, suddenly zipped into view on the front vision screen. Menacing, shiny and jet-black, it glittered and gleamed with glitzy space bling. The sleek lines of the ship were picked out in large flashy fake diamonds. And its front bumper was edged with yellow and green gems mounted in gold trim. It was glossy and glassy. But it certainly wasn't classy. There was a nanosecond of a pause and then three Zeryx Minors and one Yargillion all went: 'AAAAAAAARGH!' 'BLING BOTS!'