Harvey Drew and the Junk Skunks

"The Toxic Spew is back, and in even more trouble than usual"

The Toxic Spew is back, and in even more trouble than usual.

WOOP WOOP WOOP! ALARM ALARM ALARM! It's chaos once more on the bridge of the Toxic Spew. But this time, the ship's problems are of a most human nature – they've run out of food! Mutiny, cannibalism and plain old theft are suggested as potential problem-solvers, but Captain Harvey politely requests that the crew buck their ideas up and think of something else. At which point the ISS is mentioned – no, not the International Space Station! – the Interstellar Service Station . . .

But the ISS is spookily deserted when the team arrive, and it's not long before Harvey suspects there's something fishy going on… and he's not just talking about the Spew's malfunctioning rubbish chute. Can Harvey unite his crew one more time and solve the mystery of the abandoned space station? Will Scrummage really eat Yargal if they don't find some food? And will Harvey EVER get home? Join the gang for another rip-roaring, space-hopping and (frankly) stomach-turning adventure on the universe's worst intergalactic rubbish truck – and see if you can spot the special input from kids on The Story Adventure!

Publication Date:
ISBN Ebook: 9781471403354
ISBN Paperback: 9781471403347



Cas Lester