S. J. Kincaid
"What if playing computer games could save the world...and the Government's secret weapon was you?"
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What if playing computer games could save the world…and the Government’s secret weapon was you?

Tom Raines is suddenly recruited into the US Army to train as a virtual reality Combatant to see if he is good enough to help fight World War Three. Equipped with a new computer chip in his brain, it looks as if Tom might actually become somebody. But what happens when you start to question the rules?

In this first part of a fast-paced, futuristic trilogy, S. J. Kincaid asks significant questions concerning the use of technology and the value of life. 20th Century Fox have pre-emptively bought the film rights for the first book in the series.

Publication Date: Thu 2 Aug 2012
ISBN Ebook: 9781471400018
ISBN Paperback: 9781471400001



S. J. Kincaid

US author S.J. Kincaid originally wanted to be an astronaut, but she decided to become a full-time writer after spending a year studying in Edinburgh and living next to a haunted graveyard. Her favourite place to write is her apartment, and she has reverted back to being a lover of print books after a brief flirtation with (and expensive destruction of) an e-reader. Her debut novel, INSIGNIA, was nominated for the Waterstones prize, and its sequel VORTEX was met with equal delight by her fans. Follow S. J. Kincaid at or on Twitter: @SJKincaidBooks


Heather rested her chin in her palm. "Of course he's trying to manipulate you, Tom." Tom blinked, surprised she'd just admitted that. "General Marsh even ordered me to come here and talk you into it, just as you guessed. Can you blame him? He doesn't want you to turn this down after you've found out the big secret about the neural processors." She tapped a finger thoughtfully on her lips, studying him. "Good thing you won't." "I won't?" Tom said, feeling out of his depth with her. "Mmm, no. You won't," Heather said matter-of-factly. "You know exactly what it means if you come here. They stick an expensive, multimillion-dollar computer in your head. They invest tens of millions more training you. Then they give you control of billions of dollars of military machinery and a critical role in the country's war effort. You're valuable. So yes, the military has an agenda when it comes to dealing with you. And so does General Marsh. But that's really what you have to put up with if you want to be one of us. The question is, Tom, do you want to be one of us?" She leaned closer, her eyes gripping his. "Do you want to be somebody important?" And there it was. There it was. Tom leaned back in his seat and tipped his drink to Heather-but really to salute the man who wasn't there but who had just won this match. Well played, General Marsh. Well played. Because, more than anything, Tom wanted to do something. Something other than move casino to casino, something other than turn into his dad. He'd give anything to be important.