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"A hilarious and madcap adventure from a delightfully quirky debut author"
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A hilarious and madcap adventure from a delightfully quirky debut author

Billy Slipper is a fairly normal boy with a definitely not-so-fairly normal family. All he wants to do is add to his ‘Collectabillya’ (an assortment of weird and wonderful objects he finds) in peace, but his cleaning-mad mum (she even clingfilms the carrots!) and his fantastically horrid twin sister have other ideas.

However, they don’t bargain on Billy finding his best ever Collectabillya – Jumblecat! Jumblecat is a . . . well, a jumbled-up cat (who talks, by the way), and he’s set to change the Slippers’ lives forever. With the help of his batty old-lady next-door-neighbour, Billy must battle to win the town pet show (top prize: £10,000), find a vet who can un-jumble Jumblecat (price: £10,000), RESCUE Jumblecat when he is stolen (culprit: an insane taxidermy-obsessed general) – and then stop Jumblecat from getting stuffed, all with the help of his dad’s milk float. Sounds easy? Well, you just haven’t met Jumblecat yet. Beautifully illustrated by the Greenaway Medal nominated artist Kate Hindley, JUMBLECAT is sure to capture your heart.

Publication Date: Thu 3 Jul 2014
ISBN Paperback: 9781471402784
ISBN Ebook: 9781471402791



Archie Kimpton

Ever since reading 'sodium monofluorophosphate' on the side of a toothpaste tube, Archie Kimpton has always enjoyed putting words together and seeing what comes out. He graduated from Manchester University in 1991 and has spent the last twenty years in preparation for this moment, flogging salami, script writing, book binding and care working in the interim. JUMBLECAT is his first novel. He lives in south London with his wife, kids and Doonican, the diabetic cat and sometime inspiration for his animal cruelty based stories (only joking, Dooni). Follow Archie at or on Twitter: @ArchieKimpton


Just then, the creature completely lost its footing. It started rolling down the hill, slowly at first, disappearing into thick tussocks of grass, then re-emerging, still tumbling, gathering speed like a runaway train, bumping over hillocks, through brambles, getting faster and faster, coming straight at him. Whatever it was, Billy was determined to catch it. He steadied himself, spreading his arms out wide like a goalkeeper preparing to save a penalty. THWACK! It crashed into Billy's stomach with enormous force, knocking him to the ground. He was winded, but somehow, whatever it was, he'd caught it. He lay there a while trying to catch his breath, the creature kerplumped across his stomach, as heavy as a sack full of cauliflowers. Billy counted to thirty and then, without making any sudden movements, slowly lifted his head to take a peek. It was a cat. Well he thought it was a cat, but it was like no cat he'd ever seen. Everything was in the wrong place. The head was where a leg should be, the tail was where the head should be and the legs were sticking out all over the place. It was a totally jumbled-up cat. As if it had been sleeping all along, the cat yawned, opened its eyes and stared directly at Billy. 'What are you looking at?' demanded the cat. Its wide, green eyes were inches from Billy's face. Billy froze. He stared back at the cat, trying to think of something to say. What do you say to a jumbled-up cat that talks? 'Cats can't talk,' stuttered Billy, eventually. 'Of course cats can't talk,' said the cat, talking. 'But you're talking.' 'Am I?' replied the cat. It seemed genuinely surprised.