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ISBN Ebook: 9781471404573
ISBN Paperback: 9781471404566



Meg Haston

Meg Haston is both a survivor and a mental health counselor. Meg first conceived of PAPERWEIGHT when she spent time in a treatment center for disordered eating in Arizona. Like her character Stevie, she could bring nothing but a small suitcase of clothes-no books, no phone, no computer. But she was allowed to write. In-between group meals and individual sessions, Stevie was born into the pages of Meg's journal.

Meg now practices at a women's clinic and a school in Florida, and has worked in conjunction with Projection HEAL (Help to Eat, Accept, and Live), spreading awareness about eating disorders and the recovery process. She is also a regular contributor to, where her video series, 'How to Deal with Meg Haston', addresses mental and emotional health concerns for adolescent girls. Meg is also the author of the middle grade series HOW TO ROCK... which inspired a Nickelodeon TV spin-off. Follow Meg on Twitter: @meghaston