Say Her Name

Juno Dawson
"Drip...drip...drip... In five days, she will come..."
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Drip…drip…drip… In five days, she will come…

Roberta ‘Bobbie’ Rowe is not the kind of person who believes in ghosts. A Halloween dare at her ridiculously spooky boarding school is no big deal, especially when her best friend Naya and cute local boy Caine agree to join in too. They are ordered to summon the legendary ghost of Bloody Mary: say her name five times in front of a candlelit mirror, and she shall appear… But, surprise surprise, nothing happens. Or does it?

Next morning, Bobbie finds a message on her bathroom mirror – five days – but what does it mean? And who left it there? Things get increasingly weird and more terrifying for Bobbie and Naya, until it becomes all too clear that Bloody Mary was indeed called from the afterlife that night, and she is definitely not a friendly ghost. Bobbie, Naya and Caine are now in a race against time before their five days are up and Mary comes for them, as she has come for countless others before… A truly spine-chilling yet witty horror from shortlisted ‘Queen of Teen’ author James Dawson.

Publication Date: Thu 5 Jun 2014
ISBN Paperback: 9781471402449
ISBN Ebook: 9781471402456



Juno Dawson

Queen of Teen 2014 Juno Dawson is the multi award-winning author of dark teen thrillers Hollow Pike, Cruel Summer, Say Her Name and Under My Skin, written under the name James Dawson. In 2015, she released her first contemporary romance, All of the Above. Her first non-fiction book, Being a Boy, tackled puberty, sex and relationships, and a follow-up for young LGBT people, This Book Is Gay, came out in 2014.

Juno is a regular contributor to Attitude, GT, Glamour and the Guardian and has contributed to news items concerning sexuality, identity, literature and education on BBC Woman's Hour, Front Row, This Morning and Newsnight. She is a School Role Model for the charity Stonewall, and also works with charity First Story to visit schools serving low-income communities. Juno's titles have received rave reviews and her books have been translated into more than ten languages.

In 2015, Juno announced her transition to become a woman, having lived thus far as the male author James Dawson. She writes full time and lives in Brighton. Follow Juno on Twitter: @junodawson or on Facebook at Juno Dawson Books.


The mirror started to steam up and she pulled off her robe. Roll on the Christmas holidays where she'd be able to shower in a room without the collective DNA samples of twenty other girls. At least the water was hot. The pressure wasn't bad either and she let the jet pummel her back for a few minutes before washing her hair. She had the shower room to herself for once, a rare luxury, and she'd have stayed longer if her stomach hadn't been rumbling. She twisted the shower nozzle off and, not wanting to get soap in her eyes, blindly reached for her towel on the rail. She curved an arm around the curtain, waving it left and right, unable to locate the towel rail just outside the cubicle. Her hand brushed against someone - specifically someone's hair. She recoiled. Bobbie was sure she'd been alone. 'Sorry! I didn't know there was anyone . . .' She wiped the water out of her eyes and gingerly pulled back the mildewed shower curtain. The washroom was empty. Bobbie wrapped the towel around her soaking body and listened carefully. The room was thick with steam and there was a constant drip, drip, drip from the shower, but the room was deserted. 'Hmmm,' Bobbie said, stepping out of the shower stall and onto the cool tiles. 'That's weird.' Perhaps she'd grazed her hand on the towel, but it really had felt like hair. As the extractor fan creaked and groaned, removing the excess steam, Bobbie saw the mirror clearly. Someone had written in the condensation on the glass, little streams of water running like veins from the words. It didn't make any sense to Bobbie. The two words simply read: 5 DAYS