The Painted War

"Bianca must fight for the city and the people she loves"
The Painted War – picture

Bianca must fight for the city and the people she loves

It is a dangerous time to be a citizen of the beautiful and enchanting city of La Luminosa. Bianca knows that an attack from the city’s sinister twin, Oscurita, is coming any minute, but no one believes her, and she is forced to watch as the Duchess Catriona’s court is tricked into an alliance with Duchess Edita’s.

Soon the magical barriers that keep the two cities apart begin to disintegrate, and the true nature of the villainous Edita is revealed. Paintings begin to flood with water from the dark city’s canals, and it seems Bianca and her magical paintbrush may be the only ones who can save La Luminosa. But with her mother still trapped in Oscurita, and her own loyalties tested to breaking point at home, just whose side will Bianca find herself on in the battles of the painted war?

Publication Date:
ISBN Paperback: 9781471402616
ISBN Ebook: 9781471402623



Imogen Rossi

Imogen Rossi grew up in London but her favourite place in the world is Venice during the Carnival. She spent most of her summer holidays in Italy where she passed the time doodling and writing stories. She loves to paint, though she isn't very good at it, and she sings in a choir. She most enjoys stories involving mystery, magic and time travel. She has a collection of Venetian carnival masks and two cats named Leonardo and Michelangelo (Lenny and Mike for short).


Bianca frowned, ducking behind a tall mounting-block to hide her face while she listened. She didn't know anything about horses in battle, but she was sure this tack was a lot more flashy than protective. Would the Baron really be riding it into a fight? She risked peering around the block. The stablehand was talking to a man who was dressed as showily as the horse, in the Oscuritan fashion Bianca had come to know - a nearly-black blue robe that swept the ground behind him, trimmed with very bright blue silk. 'Are you questioning your orders, stable girl?' he sneered. 'No, sir! One horse for the Baron's sortie, sir!' The stablehand snapped to attention and fired off a salute. 'You, laundry girl!' Pietro suddenly snapped, and Bianca almost dropped her laundry in a pile of horse dung. She looked up and saw Pietro giving her an exaggerated angry look. 'Stop slacking. Mistress Flavia wants those sheets at once!' he barked. 'Yes, sir!' Bianca yelped, and ran after him. Saralinda was waiting for them at a small door on the other side of the courtyard. 'What were you doing?' she muttered to Bianca. 'That woman said something about a horse for the Baron,' Bianca whispered back. 'I didn't hear enough,' she added with a frown. 'They said they only wanted one horse, but that doesn't make any sense . . . Why would they only want one horse for a whole army?' CLONG! CLONG! CLONG! Bianca looked up, her heart in her mouth, as a bell rang out somewhere above her. 'That's the alarm,' said Pietro. 'Go, quickly.' He opened the door and Saralinda slipped out. Bianca cast a last glance back at the glossy black horse, then heard voices shouting. She caught the words 'pretender', 'escape', and 'find them'.