Vivian Versus America

"For Vivian Apple, the end of the world was just the beginning"
Vivian Versus America by Katie Coyle

For Vivian Apple, the end of the world was just the beginning

Seventeen-year-old Vivian Apple has just travelled across the country, fended off roving bands of indoctrinated teenagers, re-evaluated everything she ever thought was true, and uncovered the dark secrets about the recent so-called ‘Rapture’ and the Church of America. And now, she must rescue her maybe-boyfriend Peter from the Church before the world is (supposedly) due to end, which is in less than three months. It’s been a busy apocalypse so far.

Stranded in a city on the verge of complete panic, and faced with a society in an ever-increasing state of breakdown, Vivian and her friend Harp don’t even know where to begin looking for Peter. But then a tip leads them to Los Angeles, and the somewhat unlikely location of the Chateau Marmont hotel. Vivian must save the day – or she’ll lose everything worth living for a second time…

Publication Date:
ISBN Paperback: 9781471403446
ISBN Ebook: 9781471403439



Katie Coyle

Katie Coyle grew up in a small suburban town in New Jersey. The first story she ever wrote was about a girl with a pet dolphin-eventually the dolphin turned into a dog, and the third-person narration unceremoniously switched over to first-person. The story was never finished.

However, since then, she has spent countless hours dreaming up tales about the weird and wonderful things that happen to teenage girls. She has an MFA from the University of Pittsburgh, and spends her free time buying books she doesn't need and crying at science-fiction television shows.

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"Just write it like it happened." I sit at a desk by the windows-beyond the screen of Harp's laptop is the blue of ocean. It's early the next morning, and the sky is the pale pink hue that darkens every afternoon into an alarming, fiery red no meteorologist seems able to explain. I'm exhausted-Harp kept me up late, working out the details of her plan, and when I slept I slipped from nightmare to nightmare. "Viv," Harp says patiently beside me. "It's not that hard. We can fix it up after you've finished, make it sound snappy. Just tell it like you're telling it to me." I sigh and stare at the screen. Harp has already typed in a headline: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CHURCH OF AMERICA. I look up at her. "You're sure this can't be traced back to us?" She nods. "Suzy set it up and she's a genius. The Wi-Fi at this place is so well-protected, the FBI couldn't track us down." Suzy has her back to us at another desk, typing intimidating looking code. She turns, frowning, at this. "The FBI could definitely track us down, if they wanted to. But the Church won't know how, and we'll be in Los Angeles by the time they realize what you're posting. That's when the real trouble will start." "That's extremely encouraging, Suzy, thanks," I say, and she giggles. "Look alive, Apple!" Harp grabs my head and turns it back towards the screen. "The fate of the world rests on your shoulders right now. No pressure."