Vivian Versus the Apocalypse

"Putting the cult back in cult fiction, this is a darkly witty and sharply questioning debut"
Vivian Versus the Apocalypse by Katie Coyle

Putting the cult back in cult fiction, this is a darkly witty and sharply questioning debut

A chilling vision of a contemporary USA where the sinister Church of America is destroying lives. Our cynical protagonist, sixteen-year-old Vivian Apple, is awaiting the fated ‘Rapture’ – or rather the lack of it. Her evangelical parents have been in the Church’s thrall for too long, and she’s looking forward to getting them back. Except that when Vivian arrives home the day after the supposed ‘Rapture’, her parents are gone. All that is left are two holes in the ceiling…

Viv is determined to carry on as normal, but when she starts to suspect that her parents might still be alive, she realises she must uncover the truth. Joined by Peter, a boy claiming to know the real whereabouts of the Church, and Edie, a heavily pregnant Believer who has been ‘left behind’, they embark on a road trip across America. Encountering freak weather, roving ‘Believer’ gangs and a strange teenage group calling themselves the ‘New Orphans’, Viv soon begins to realise that the Rapture was just the beginning.

Publication Date:
ISBN Paperback: 9781471402173
ISBN Ebook: 9781471402180



Katie Coyle

Katie Coyle grew up in a small suburban town in New Jersey. The first story she ever wrote was about a girl with a pet dolphin-eventually the dolphin turned into a dog, and the third-person narration unceremoniously switched over to first-person. The story was never finished.

However, since then, she has spent countless hours dreaming up tales about the weird and wonderful things that happen to teenage girls. She has an MFA from the University of Pittsburgh, and spends her free time buying books she doesn't need and crying at science-fiction television shows.

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"Who's that?" I ask. I'm not sure Harp has even registered who I'm talking about before she takes me by the elbow and steers me into the foyer. We stand in front of him until he looks up, and when he does, I feel a flare of something like excitement, or fear. I might just be a little drunk. But this boy's eyes are the bluest things I have ever seen. "I'm Harp," my best friend says, business-like. "This is Viv. Personally I think you guys would make really cute babies together." She's gone before I can groan. The boy looks a little stunned, but he shifts on the step to make room for me. "I'm Peter," he says as I sit. For a while we gaze in different directions. Peter seems to be watching the dancers, and I'm trying to think of something to say. Something that reveals my charm and my wit, the multitudes I contain. But I've got nothing. Over a minute has passed before I manage to ask, "Do you live in Pittsburgh?" "I don't," he says. He doesn't say where he lives. He doesn't say anything. In the Church magazines, they're always trying to convince you that boys who don't talk to you are just shy. That the shyness of boys is a virtue. "Signs That He Is THE ONE: 1. He doesn't text you back. A boy who doesn't text you is a boy actively trying to resist temptation! A boy destined for paradise! Bind yourself to him in holy matrimony!