Voyage to the Volcano

"Captain Anstruther and his motley crew of sky-pirates are back for more adventures!"
Voyage to the Volcano by Tom Banks

Captain Anstruther and his motley crew of sky-pirates are back for more adventures!

Picking up the story where THE GREAT GALLOON ended, VOYAGE TO THE VOLCANO finds Stanley, Rasmussen and the rest of the Great Galloon crew on their way to the greatest party ever held: Count Heinz-Marie von Fforbes-Martinez of Eisberg’s birthday party. Not everyone is in the party spirit though – poor Captain Anstruther is still searching for his kidnapped bride, Isabella, but he thinks the key to winning her back may lie in the heart of the Chimney Islands, a mind-boggling patchwork of volcanoes where Anstruther and Isabella first swore eternal love. Can he attend the party AND be reunited with his beloved? Stanley and Rasmussen must do battle once more with the Captain’s nefarious brother Zebediah, encountering old friends, new friends and unexpected friends in frilly pink dresses along the way. Expect hilarity and chaos to ensue!

Publication Date:
ISBN Paperback: 9781471401701
ISBN Ebook: 9781471401718



Tom Banks

Tom Banks' first book, THE GREAT GALLOON, was shortlisted for the Booktrust Best Book award. He has mainly worked in the theatre throughout his adult life, running a small company called the Network of Stuff. He has also worked with the acclaimed children's theatre company Tall Stories, devising and performing in shows such as The Gruffalo and Them With Tails all over the world.

He has worked as a question writer for TV quiz shows, a Tudor huntsman, and an ineffectual bookseller. He now lives with his partner, Sarah, their two children and an improbably loud three-legged cat in a non-trendy part of North London.


With a huge crash, a red-hot cannonball smashed through the window. It screamed across the room, spun the Captain's hat round on his head, ricocheted off a battered suit of armour, and embedded itself in the oaken table. The decanters that Abel had worked so hard to save fell to the floor, where they joined the broken window glass strewn across the boards. Abel screamed a high C-sharp, and Clamdigger ducked behind the door. The Captain hauled himself from his seat, righted his hat and took a sip of coffee. 'You were wrong about the cannonball,' he said to Abel, as a look of amazement crossed his face. 'And you were wrong about the crew. Look!' They ran to the window and, there, hanging by the hood of her coat from one of Claude's enormous outstretched claws, was Rasmussen. Her hair was streaming out behind her, and her face was set in a rictus grin. Icicles were forming on her teeth. Abel stammered. The Captain boomed. Clamdigger ran to the suit of armour, and grabbed the pikestaff from its fist. With this fearsome weapon in his hands, he turned carefully, and poked all eleven feet of it out through the empty window frame. The Captain grabbed the staff as it came past him, and together they tried to move it into a position from where Rasmussen could safely grab it and be pulled back onboard.