Chatting, Doodling and Pineapple-Owls

This week, the very wonderful THE ISOBEL JOURNAL will be hitting bookshops around the country – and I CAN’T WAIT for you all to read it. It’s a snapshot of contemporary teenage life, exactly as it is – with the sads and the happys in equal measure. You are going to want to share every page (as, like we did, you think YES I KNOW EXACTLY HOW THAT FEELS and why yes, I also love otters).

(This page especially):

Untitled 5


(And this):

Untitled 7


(It definitely is).

Through the magic of the internet and a shared love of cute animals (probably), one autumn afternoon Issy got together with the very super awesome Laura Dockrill for a few hours tea-drinking, sketching and talking to chat about all the things that are so important in the book. Check it out below – and find out more about THE ISOBEL JOURNAL here!


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