December Book Club: The Wolves are Running!

John Masefield’s THE BOX OF DELIGHTS was first published in 1935 and tells the story of Kay Harker, who is returning from boarding school when he finds himself mixed up in a battle to possess a magical box.  The current owner of the box is the wonderful Cole Hawlings, a Punch and Judy man, who entrusts the box’s care to Kay as there are dark forces out to steal it.


So what do you think of THE BOX OF DELIGHTS?  I’m obviously biased (and go on about it a lot, let’s face it) but as its Christmas I promise not to berate anyone who may disagree.  Here are a few nice discussion points:

  • Isn’t Maria fabulous?
  • You probably know this anyway, but for those that don’t, did you notice whilst reading that this book is in fact a sequel?  THE MIDNIGHT FOLK Masefield’s book of 1927, first introduces readers to Kay, Abner Brown, Sylvia Daisy Pouncer and Caroline Louisa.
  • The book is coming up to its 70th birthday in the next couple of years – do you think it has dated?  I personally love the language used, but did you find it a barrier? 


  • And finally, that ending.  OK, so I love this book but I tend not to read the last couple of pages as they annoy me.  IT HAPPENED, IT WAS REAL.  Did the ending annoy you or am I being overly critical?

Anyway, I’ll be reading it again next week and then watching the DVD.  Merry Christmas everyone, and if you see someone, tell them someone is safe.


We’re taking a blogging Christmas break now, and will be back from 2nd January! Thank you all for your comments and support and guest blogs this year.

We’ll see you in 2014!