Did you miss?

Whenever The Bookseller newsletter drops in my inbox, I scroll through the headlines and then I get to the “News you might have missed” section. I often find myself talking to my screen. “No, I totally saw that.” and “Duh.” or “Ooh, yes I did miss that.”

In today’s news, I had indeed missed that Faber has landed a two-volume history of Metallica. The thirteen-year-old in me is very excited about this. I was quite the metal head back in the day.

But twenty years later, now that I’m eyeliner-free, we’ve had our own newsround circulating the Hot Key Books office this morning, and I thought we could share it with you. Did you miss…?

… a blog from Sarah Davies from The Greenhouse Literary about what she’s seeing in the submission pool and also what she wants to see. Any aspiring writers should click through (and then tell Sarah and Julia to send those wonderful books to us, exclusively, as our referral fee).

… a live webchat that Amanda Hocking did with the Guardian. Anyone wondering about self-publishing should be interested in her take on it all.
One good quote from the article: “Twitter is a useful way to connect with readers and writers and people in general. Through some of those connections, you may sell books (or whatever it is you want to sell). But if you ONLY promote, or even if you mostly promote, it’s not going to work out.”

… an article from (the Awesome Jeff Norton) on The Literary Platform giving a little love to editors. Thanks, Jeff!

… and a few weeks old, but still a level-headed article (sensationally titled “looking through the digital hype”) about how technology might change how people do or buy things, but not so much what they do or buy.

Anything we missed?