Duck, Death and the Poo Bum – our latest book haul

Yes, it’s another look at the HKB book haul and this time, as it’s getting a bit difficult navigating through the vast forests we’re purchasing, we thought we’d concentrate on one area – picture books. 


And this is my latest picture book purchase – it’s one of those books that’s not necessarily child orientated, and I may have welled up a bit at the end, in public.  The illustrations, as you can see from the jacket, are beautiful.  It’s simple, clean and slightly macabre – a bit like me.

And here’s what the rest of our haul looks like:

I inadvertently got roped into buying every single CLAUDE book by Alex T. Smith after small son enjoyed the first one so much he laughed till he practically cried and then went to bed clutching it. These books though are a total delight for both children and adults, and fill a real gap in that tricky place in between picture books and illustrated chapter books. Claude is just such an irresistible little chap too – a rather plump little Beagle-type dog who wears a beret and has a liking for going on little adventures. His best friend also happens to be a sock. What more could you ask for?  Georgia


Over in my home country of Sweden, my friend Jonna Björnstjerna just released her fourth book about The Rabbit Family… The Rabbits? The Rabbitsons? Well, if someone could go ahead and translate it to English I would know what to call them. This one’s roughly “The Secret of Lake Deep”, and previously they’ve encountered cookie monsters and other scary beings, in the Scary Forest. The first three books have been collected into one volume, they’ve been translated to Japanese and voted Best Children’s Book by the readers themselves, so if any Publishers are reading… Jan

Poo Bum by Stephanie Blake is one of my favourite picture books released this year. Guaranteed to bring a smile to any readers face (fact), Poo Bum is about a little rabbit who answers every question with the words, “Poo Bum”! Really cheeky, really colourful, and all round amazing. How do I really feel about this book? Poobum!  Fay


I recently bought HAIRY MACLARY FROM DONALDSON’S DAIRY for my littlest cousin – still a laugh for me too after all these years.  We both have particular dogs that we like (me: Bottomley Pots, all covered in spots; her: Schnitzel Von Krum with a very low tum) but we both loved Scarface McClaw – the baddest tom in town.  Naomi

MAPS: Firstly, THE FORMAT. It’s big, big enough to pore over, trace with your fingers and hide small people behind. Each page is not only absolutely BEAUTIFUL, but informative and fun – I could spend days reading every word and exploring every tiny illustration in this extremely special book.  Cait