Friday Key Chain: @Books_Bandit

The Friday Key Chain is a feature on our blog where we introduce you to some of our most active Twitter followers. We love people who want to get involved and this is a great way for everyone to get to know each other a bit better!

BebDvM9fTell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi! I’m Georgia, I’m 13, and I live in London! I usually obsess over books and I always talk about reading. I am a tea addict who spends most of my time living on Twitter. I have been blogging since April 27th 2013 and I was originally called Hardcore Geeks but since January, I have re-named my blog The Books Bandit! I am an aspiring author and journalist and when I am older, I hope I can be as famous as J.K. Rowling! If I walk past a bookshop, I have to go in because I want to see what books that shop has to offer!  I am always writing stories or blog posts and I love any form of language! You can Tweet me: @Books_Bandit!

What is your favourite bookshop?
I have many bookshops that I love to browse in, but my favourite bookshop is five minutes away from me and I always walk past it on the way to school and back! The bookshop I love is called Beckenham Bookshop and they are an independent bookseller that has a wonderful YA section that I love to drool over when I wait for my bus to come. I also love the way they organise their window display with a new book in the window every week!

BOYS DON'T KNITWhat is your favourite book published by Hot Key Books?
Uh, can I pick four? BOYS DON’T KNIT and AN ENGLISH BOY IN NEW YORK by T.S. Easton and PAPER AEROPLANES and GOOSE by Dawn O’Porter! There are so many books that I adore from you guys but if I wrote a list, it would go on forever!

What is your favourite childhood book?
THE RAILWAY CHILDREN by E. Nesbit. It was the first thick chapter book I have ever read and it was also my first classic! I have read this book three times and I love it even more every time I finish it!

Tell us about your favourite bookmark.
My favourite bookmark is from a Christmas card that I got from a friend last year. It has such a beautiful design on it and it has such a unique shape! I have used it constantly since I got it!

What is one of your bad reading habits?
Reading two books at the same time! I do this nearly all the time because I put a book down for a while [the one that I am reading] and then I forget about it so I begin another book! I am working on it but it is so hard!

18594501If you could swap lives with any book character, who would you choose and why?
I would swap lives with Cat from TAKE BACK THE SKIES because there is this really hot book character called Fox and I love him so much! His character is so perfectly written! And plus, I would get to live on a skyship! Who doesn’t want to live on a ship that flies in the sky?

What type of book would you like to read more of in the future?
More YA books and possibly New Adult and Classic books! And probably more Science Fiction books!

How do you organise your bookshelves?
I organise my bookshelf in the order that follows:
Top shelf: My To Be Read shelf! [with books stacking on top of each other on top]
Middle shelf: Series books part one.
Bottom shelf: Stand alone books.

Here is how I organise my side bookshelf:
Top shelfs: Series books.
Middle shelfs: Series books.
Bottom shelfs: Series books.

I also have a cupboard filled with signed books!

What is one book you would like to recommend to everyone you meet?

The GEEK GIRL series by Holly Smale!

Who is your favourite person to follow for book reviews or news?
My friend Georgia who owns The Bibliomaniac, Fionnuala who owns Books For Birds and Lucy who owns Queen of Contemporary and Project UKYA

Thanks to Georgia for taking part in the Friday Key Chain! You can follow her blog The Books Bandit and check her out on Facebook & Twitter @Books_Bandit.