Friday Key Chain: @LucyTheReader

The Friday Key Chain is a feature on our blog where we introduce you to some of our most active twitter followers. We love people who want to get involved and we figured that this would be a great way for everyone to get to know each other a bit better!

ukyaphotos 006Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Lucy and I blog over at Queen of Contemporary and booktube at thebumblingbibliophile. I also run Project UKYA, a site dedicated to supporting YA authors from the UK. I can’t remember a time when I haven’t loved reading, and it has always been my main hobby. My other hobby is Twitter, which I should probably stop being so reliant on.

What is your favourite book shop (either in your home town or one you’ve come across while travelling)?
By far my favourite bookshop is Mr B’s Emporium in Bath. I was lucky enough to visit it for the first time recently, despite having lived close to it for a long time, and I’m currently plotting my next trip. It’s so cosy in there and you instantly feel at home.

VIVIAN VERSUS THE APOCALYPSEWhat is your favourite book published by Hot Key books?
You publish so many amazing books but one I’ve read recently that really stands out is VIVIAN VERSUS THE APOCALYPSE by Katie Coyle. I love books that make you think and question the world, and that is exactly what it did. I also really, really adore THE ISOBEL JOURNAL by Isobel Harrop. It’s one of my favourite books of all time and I’m extremely jealous of Isobel’s drawings, being someone who can’t draw a stick person that looks remotely like a stick person.

What is your favourite childhood book?
I was always a huge fan of Beatrix Potter’s stories when I was younger, my favourite being THE ROLY POLY PUDDING. I suppose I loved THE TALE OF MRS TIGGYWINKLE too because the girl in it shares my name.

Tell us about your favourite bookmark.
To say I had a favourite bookmark would mean me using one all of the time. I’m constantly losing bookmarks and consequently have to use scrap pieces of paper or sometimes library tickets.  At the moment I’m using a bracelet as a bookmark. Desperate times!

What is one of your bad reading habits?
I have a tendency to announce to Twitter I’m reading a particular book and then decide to not read it. I’m trying to stop this but it’s hard to judge when I will or will not persevere with a book. Other than that, I’d like to get better at reading for myself and not rushing through books.

FangirlIf you could swap lives with any book character, who would you choose and why?
My favourite book character is Cath from FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell, but because we are very similar I’m going to say Cammie Morgan from the GALLAGHER GIRLS books by Ally Carter. She attends a school training girls to be spies and I think it would be so awesome to swap lives with her, although I’m not sure how she would like my life.

What type of book would you like to read more of in the future?
As I mentioned above, I love books that make you question the world and I’d really like to read more of these. I think they help shape the way I view things and I think questioning things is healthy for your brain. In 2014, I’m hoping to read a lot more UKYA fiction because there’s so much out there I haven’t read and I love recommending it to people.

How do you organise your bookshelves?
I recently got a new bookcase and I’ve had a lot of fun organising and arranging it. In the middle are my favourite books and the top shelf contains my contemporary and few miscellaneous books. Then I have a whole row dedicated to UK authors because I like being able to pick them out easily when I’m writing blog posts for Project UKYA. And then I have another row dedicated to the books I haven’t read yet…

What is one book you would like to recommend to everyone you meet?
At the moment I can’t stop recommending two books: NIGHT SCHOOL by C.J. Daugherty and SOULMATES by Holly Bourne. I’m cheating there, aren’t I?

Thanks to Lucy for participating in the Friday Key Chain!