Happy Birthday HOT KEY BOOKS!

A year ago we published our first book, INSIGNIA by S.J. Kincaid.  It was the start of a list that came from an idea about publishing books that would appeal to readers between the ages of 9 and 19.  Independent readers who could choose their own books.  And the books would range from the literary to the commercial, in the hope that all sorts of readers could find something on the list that they would like to read. And, cliched though it sounds, what a year it has been.

We have made print books and eBooks and enhanced eBooks, we have won prizes, we have had bestsellers, we have sold foreign rights, our  books are available in shops in Taiwan, Dubai, Australia, India, Brazil … we have had parties, we have launched new authors, welcomed established authors, we have had office babies and had joiners and leavers.

It has been a busy and exciting year that lives up to and beyond expectations, and has never failed to surprise and delight us all in so many incredible and unexpected ways.  Now our book shelves are groaning – and when we started they were empty, yet so full of expectation.




and now!

and now!

We are up to number 35 on our very delectable proof copies, we have actual copies of some of the foreign editions which have resulted from the rights sales.


Multi-lingual Maggot Moon!

It has been a year of firsts – our first orders, our first sales, our first prizes, our first story adventure – and now we are getting on to repeating ourselves, which is maybe even more exciting. We are able to look at what we have done, measure the responses and results, and use that to guide us forward.  While we still feel new and innovative and fresh we also enjoy having some experiences and history of our own to refer to.  It makes us feel a bit more mature and allows us to asses things in a different way.

As we embark on our second year of actual publishing we look forward to strengthening our already wonderful list with more author-driven books, we look forward to publishing with even more exciting campaigns, and we look forward to continuing to communicate with our readers.  Somethings will change, but our mission to publish authors with verve and creativity and get their books in to the hands of readers remains the same.  Happy Birthday, Hot Key Books, and thanks to all of you – the authors, the illustrators, the agents, the printers, the booksellers, the readers, the bloggers, and the book lovers — who made this year possible.

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