Hello and welcome…

Welcome to the brand new blog, from the brand new children’s publisher         Hot Key Books, coming to you from our brand new offices in Clerkenwell. That’s a lot of BRAND NEW to take in one sentence.

But don’t worry, most of us aren’t brand new to publishing at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure that most of us you will already know, and like, and will have worked with in the past. Yes, many of us have come from big publishing houses, so the idea of being here at the very beginning and being able to shape a list from scratch makes this possibly the best job EVER. So here we are below, trying not to look too awkward in a group photo….

See anyone you recognise in there? Look closely…

Don’t worry if not, you’ll get to know us all soon enough. We’ll be here, as often as possible, talking to you, and telling you about ourselves, what we’re doing and what it’s like to start a publishing house.

The idea behind Hot Key (the name and the publishing) is that we, as our tag line states, want to unlock the power of reading, the love of books and a joy of stories – in all formats.  We’re concentrating on fiction for 9–19 year olds and we’ll be launching our first titles from August this year. Sarah Odedina, our MD, started in September, and since then the team has been forming, books being read and acquired, and ISBN prefixes being requested.  Most of us started either just before Christmas, or just last week, which however you look at it is a good way to end or start a year.

So, over the next few days we’re going to introduce you the team, department by department, so you can get to know us a little better…and what better way to start than with Sarah Odedina herself:

September 12th was day one!  I started working for Hot Key Books and felt then, as I do now, that I was embarking on a big adventure.  One that was focused on building a list with the best team of people I could put together to publish brilliant authors and get their stories into the hands of readers around the world. I profoundly believe in the enjoyment that reading provides.  I don’t think that it matters how a reader gets to the story and feel that the opportunities that the digital world is offering us will allow us to reach out to new readers as well as old readers in new ways.

The team at Hot Key Books is sensational.  Hugely creative, energetic and original in all their thinking.  It is a complete pleasure to be amidst such brilliant people working on the fantastic books that we will be launching in 2012.  It is indeed an adventure and one that we look forward to sharing not only with each other but with readers once they get to enjoy the books we will be publishing. I can’t wait to hear what they think.