Hot Key Book Club: PICTURE ME GONE by Meg Rosoff

So, we’ve been raving about PICTURE ME GONE in the office – to recap here is a synopsis about the book:
PICTURE ME GONE is the story of 12 year old Mila searching for her translator father’s best frie
nd who has gone missing just days before they are due to go and visit him in the USA. Whilst her musician mother is working in Holland, Mila and her father set off on a road trip together from New York State up to the Canadian border in search of his mysterious friend who has left behind his wife and one-year-old son.

Mila prides herself on her rational, clear mind, she is able to solve mysteries easily, but what Mila discovers is the heartbreaking complexity of what it is to be an adult and discovers some truths about her best friend at the same time.

You can hear a few of us waxing lyrical about it in this video.

Now it’s over to you – we’d love to hear your thoughts too. Here are a few discussion points to consider but we’d love to hear any comments you might have about the book!

  • Mila likens herself to a bloodhound and terrier, always determined and looking for clues to build the bigger picture and find the truth; Honey the dog hides a terrible secret – what did you think about the dog metaphors?
  • Were you convinced by Mila’s journey from the simplicity of childhood to the complexity of adulthood?
  • What did you think about the father figures in the book and their relationship with their families? Were you satisfied by their stories?
  • Mila’s dad is a translator and the book deals a lot with language and the meaning of words – for example Mila is described as a ‘perguntador’ (someone who asks a lot of questions), and ‘suadade’ (the longing for something loved and lost, something gone or unattainable) seems to describe the overall feeling of the book – how did you enjoy the exploration of language and interpretation in the book?
  • How did the ending make you feel ? Was it positive for the future?

In October we will be reading CARRIE by Stephen King, which was picked by Livs. Start reading now and join the discussion at the end of the month.

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