Hot Key Books Book Club September pick … Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff

So to kick off the next book to discuss on the Hot Key Books Book Club we have picked PICTURE ME GONE by Meg Rosoff.

There aren’t many authors I make a habit of reading every single book they write – there are too many books in the world people! But I make an exception with Meg Rosoff. She consistently offers a tantalising mix of sympathetic characters, intelligent and witty writing and keeps things concise – every word matters, every action, every plotline so satisfyingly resolved.

From the startling bang of HOW I LIVE NOW, to the quirky JUST IN CASE through to the haunting beauty of WHAT I WAS, the rollicking THE BRIDE’S FAREWELL to the hilarious and thought provoking THERE IS NO DOG, every one of her books offers something different – she is a real joy to read!

So I was super excited to hear she had a new book coming this autumn and almost fell over myself when Livs offered me the proof that had just come into Tales on Moon Lane.Picture Me Gone

PICTURE ME GONE is the story of 12 year old Mila searching for her translator father’s best friend who has gone missing just days before they are due to go and visit him in the USA. Whilst her musician mother is working in Holland, Mila and her father set off on a road trip together from New York State up to the Canadian border in search of his mysterious friend who has left behind his wife and one-year-old son.

Mila prides herself on her rational, clear mind, she is able to solve mysteries easily, but what Mila discovers is the heartbreaking complexity of what it is to be an adult and discovers some truths about her best friend at the same time.

So hopefully with your appetite suitably whetted – grab a copy of PICTURE ME GONE and join in discussions right here on 27 September where we will quiz you about your thoughts on the book – we can’t wait to hear them.