Introducing Sanne

Hello everyone! I have been working as the new digital coordinator at Hot Key for a few days now and I figured it was time to introduce myself.

I grew up in Katwijk, a small town in the Netherlands, where I lived until I graduated university. I studied English Language and Culture at Leiden University, a gorgeous city very close to my home town, and went on to get my MA in Literary Translation (English/Dutch). During my years at university I had plenty of time time for some of my favourite pastimes, including tutoring high school students and of course plenty of book buying. I also spent three months studying in the United States at Elmhurst College near Chicago (which explains my American accent, the thing that will forever puzzle every single person I meet).

I spend most of my free time travelling and making YouTube videos for my channel booksandquills. I made my very first video (which is fortunately hidden in the depths of the Internet) 5 years ago and can’t imagine my life without YouTube anymore. You could say that my camera is permanently attached to my hip. On my trips abroad I usually visit friends I’ve made online and during the summer you can find me at conventions, such as VidCon (which is all about YouTube) and LeakyCon (a Harry Potter convention). And when I’m in a new city, my favourite thing to do is tracking down pretty book shops and spending entire afternoons browsing the shelves and taking pictures.

Last September I decided to move to London, because 1) some of my friends from the UK and US were looking for a flat in London, 2) I knew I wanted to work in publishing and London seemed like the place to be and 3) I’ve been in love with London since the first time I visited it. Well, I might have only been 3 years old at the time, but I’m sure I enjoyed it. And after doing a couple of weeks of work experience at different publishing companies and a few months of freelance video work, I’ve now ended up at Hot Key Books. My new job as digital coordinator is something I could have only dreamed about. The team at Hot Key is so wonderful and friendly and on top of that I get to work with fabulous books and I can continue doing what I love most: video making and social media!

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