Introducing…Team S.P.A.M.

No, don’t worry – we are not a team formed of canned meat. Thankfully SPAM is: Sales, Publicity (though technically, we don’t have them yet, but soon…) and Marketing. So, SPAM. There you are.

Team SPAM (okay, is this joke over?) are below, with our school picture faces ready…

We are from the left – Kate Manning, Sales and Marketing Director, Me – Sarah Benton, Sales and Marketing Manager, and Cait Davies, Sales and Marketing Assistant…

Kate and I between us have worked at, wait for it…Orion, Random House, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins and Waterstones…phew. So we should by now know our website from our wholesalers. Suffice to say, we’re very excited to be here.  Cait is BRAND NEW to publishing and in just over a week we haven’t put her off yet, so that is good news indeed.

Following on from our editorial ‘name a book that cheers you up’ theme, we thought we’d go for the (ever-so-slightly less serious) theme of ‘canned food that you secretly like’ in honour of team SPAM.

Kate – Corned BeefThe highlight of school trips to The Black Country Museum was always corned beef and dairylea sandwiches, slightly melted by the heat of the coach.

Sarah – SardinesCome in a can, but totally work with olives and a glass of wine. And once on a plate…who knew?

Cait – Chickpeas I absolutely love them. In everything. Even with hummus. Especially on crackers… so wrong!

So anyway, now you know our tinned food preferences, what else? Right, well, we all started just over a week ago, straight after Christmas and so far we have been: making databases, launching this blog, planning events, investigating venues for launches, making launch schedules, organising meetings, getting prices for USBs and tote bags, talking author strategies, planning website development, discussing how exactly we get a data feed… and finding out the best places in Clerkenwell to buy soup (Street Coffee, it would seem…)

Fairly good for 7 days in I’d say?