Isobel Journal Story

Last week we received a lovely email from Nicole (@NicoleBurstein) with a story about THE ISOBEL JOURNAL. It made us all a little weepy, so we wanted to share it with all of you!

sIMG_6602Thought you’d like a little story about the Isobel Journal to share with the Hot Key chums, just so you know the impact that this book is already having at the school where I work.
I met a Year 7 girl last week who is dyslexic and having real troubles with literacy. This is giving her a major attitude problem and she’s in one of the bottom sets for English. After spending time with her on Thursday, it turns out that she is incredibly bright but really insecure about her handwriting and spelling. This anxiety is quite literally stopping her from functioning in lessons.

sIMG_6599Earlier this week another teacher asked her if she wanted to read a book. Obviously she said no. The word ‘reluctant’ is too light for her attitude to reading! The teacher brought her the Isobel Journal. She slowly turned the pages, the teacher asking about what she thought, what kind of character she thought Isobel was and so on. At the end of the session, the teacher remarked that she’d read over twenty pages of the book. The girl was amazed!
I’m now trying to think of other titles we can use that are mostly image based, to show this student that stories don’t necessarily have to be told through words and that she doesn’t have to feel left out. We’re even encouraging her to keep her own Isobel style journal!

We absolutely loved reading this story and hope we will receive more news like this in the future!

Issy in the IndyIsobel was also featured in Radar Magazine in The Independent as One to Watch this week and there is a post by Laura Dockrill on the BookTrust website, featuring a video of Laura and Issy sketching and chatting.

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