It Is Easy to Encourage a Child to Love Reading

It is easy to encourage a child to love reading and books. You just have to take the time to ask them what they think.

Today, Fleur Hitchcock posted the final chapter in her second Story Adventure – a website where a Hot Key author writes a book, chapter by chapter, and asks the hundreds of children registered on the site for their ideas on what should happen next.

Fleur never fails to delight the children, as we can see from the website stats in the past three months: 78,000 page views, 6,800 comments, 150 pictures and an average time spent on site of almost 13 minutes. (That’s 1,400 hours spent on the site since January 2014!)

But it is better to look beyond the numbers, to comments like “I can do anything”:

TWBJ can do anything

And comments like this “inspired me to write more”:

WLAG inspired me

Children just want to be heard, to be validated, and to see that their peers are having fun as well.

FU5 ALM first paragraph

These children, from all over the UK, from all kinds of backgrounds, participating through their schools are bursting with enthusiasm for reading and writing. It is educational, creative, encouraging and collaborative – there is also a forum where children can post their own writing which has 150 posts.

So “easy” in my headline might be a touch misleading, as a fair amount of work goes on behind the scenes, but considering the number of children we are reaching, the excitement egenrated for books and reading and for Fleur – it is completely worth it.

And it is all because Fleur takes the time to include the children in her story.

Everyone says time is our most precious resource – but I think children are our most precious resource (cue Whitney Houston).


You can click here to see for yourself, and if you know a child or a class that would like to have a little fun with words, a new Story Adventure will kick off with Cas Lester in September, with a space theme.