Judge a book by its cover?

Let’s start with a scenario: you’re at the grocery store in front of the wall of tomato sauces. Which one do you think would be the most delicious?

Before you read the ingredients or the nutritional information, you inevitably make a choice to pick up the jar that most appeals to you. You probably make that judgement call based on the label, jar size, and possibly the proximity of a given tin to your hand. Because let’s face it, you’re a human in the 21st century, and you come into contact with thousands of products that have been specifically designed to catch your eye and send you messages about the quality of the contents.

So why shouldn’t the same logic apply in the bookstore? The choices are no less daunting. There are literally millions of books to choose from! And more are coming out every day! Just walk into your local bookstore and look at the new fiction table. There are AT LEAST 30 books staring up at you. And that’s just one tiny table in a shop full of books. Maybe you look for a familiar name (see Julie Bosman’s article in the NYTimes), but I also bet you look at covers. Because again, you’re human, and you have eyes. I bet if you think really hard, you can remember a time where you picked up a book just because you thought it was pretty, and ended up buying it because the story summary on the back piqued your interest. I do it all the time, whether I’m buying physical books or clicking on the covers to download books to my Kindle.

It can’t be a coincidence that all of the books I’ve read and loved lately have  beautiful covers (see Super Sad True Love Story, Why We Broke Up, and A Monster Calls). For me, the covers of my favourite books are all tied up with the images of the characters and narrative in my brain. And honestly, what’s the point of writing a wonderful new book if you’re going to stick it in an ugly old package?

Here at Hot Key Books, I’m proud to report that the incredible designers are working their magic to make the outsides of Hot Key’s forthcoming books just as amazing as the stories inside. Need proof? Check this out:

Isn’t that gorgeous? Don’t you want to hang that on your wall? Or at the very least, read it? Stay tuned for more beautiful, amazing, and wall-worthy covers. I encourage you to judge Hot Key’s books by their covers. One look, and I bet you’ll decide to read them all.