La nostra prima Bologna Children's Book Fair

(or, our first time at Bologna Children’s Book Fair…)

If you have spoken to any children’s publisher this week you will have probably caught them all in pre-Bologna madness. We are in it right now! It’s our very first Bologna as Hot Key Books, and bags are being packed full of proofs, USBs being loaded with content, rights guides being printed and folded, and discussions on best ‘Bologna-wardrobe’ are being had. Here is the scene in the Sales & Marketing department right now:

Four of team Hot Key will be at the fair from Sunday to Friday, on the Bonnier stand (Hall 25, A171), having back to back half hour meetings, all day, everyday, trying to sell rights in our lovely new list and meeting up with foreign publishers and sister companies from around the world.

But apparently that’s not all that goes on. Kate Manning has given us the ‘untold story’ of Bologna. Can anyone identify?

You will buy cheese to bring home
You will eat too much
You will vow not to go to the ‘Pink Bar’
You will see a picture book in the Hall from another country and you will state ‘it’s so beautiful, if only it would sell in the UK’
You will drink too much coffee
You will go to the ‘Pink Bar’
You will look at other people’s stands and see books you lost (see previous posts) and stare wistfully at the jackets
You will see just how vast the Halls are and feel incredibly small, humbled and rather proud
You will probably go back to the ‘Pink Bar’

So, I guess we’ll probably see you at the Pink Bar!

P.S. – I hope our Italian is correct!