MAGGOT MOON Around the Globe

At Hot Key Books we love seeing how other publishing houses design their versions of books we have also published. We have already seen six versions of Sally Gardner‘s award winning book MAGGOT MOON.

Candlewick Press (USA)

IMG_6921I recall our Rights Director, Ruth Logan, bringing the Candlewick Press edition of Maggot Moon to our weekly meeting and feeling honoured Candlewick opted to use the Julian Crouch illustrations. Candlewick made the design their own by killing off the ladder, moon and maggots, plus changing the white background to black. They removed most of the cyrillic serifs from the title type and giving a slightly less Russian feel, then added a fly from the inside illustrations on the title.

Random House Mondadori (Spain)

IMG_6907The Spanish edition of Maggot Moon (The Three Faces of The Moon), designed by Nicolás Castellano, is arty and timeless. The concept borrows the moon and ladder from Julian Crouch’s idea. Mondadori decided to leave out the maggots though. The reason I love this cover is that it features the elements I didn’t come up with for the Hot Key edition. When briefing illustrator Julian Crouch I only suggested the boy’s heavily cropped face, different colour eyes and stars. It was Julian who came up with the ladder stretching up to the maggot moon. It reminded me of something surreal from an old Monty Python sketch.

Feltrinelli (Italy)

IMG_6926Feltrinelli’s edition (Standish’s Planet), art directed by Cristiano Guerri,  opted for a photo montage. Like the Hot Key edition the boy’s face is heavy cropped, however Cristiano cropped the face vertically, showing only his blue eye. In order to see Standish’s brown eye the reader had to lift the French flap (paperback with folded flyleafs) and look inside.

Gallimard Jeunesse (France)

IMG_6908For Gallimard Jeunesse’s edition (A Planet in the Head) illustrator Olivier Balez created something lovely that looked like it could’ve been plucked out of the Russian space race era. Olivier did an great job of working with colours (orange and green) that are often avoided as they are tricky to predict if they will print well. The Gallimard Jeunesse’s edition also featured an orange belly band with a Times quote, which made it all the more cooler.

NelsonThornes (education edition)

IMG_6925The Nelson Thornes edition features an astronaut standing on the title and the pink Cadillac Standish daydreams, something we planned to include on the cover but struggled to get on there. The Nelson Thornes edition reminded me of some scratchy grind house film posters. A mixture of Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror with it’s bold black and red panels and Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof  with the moon, car and the silhouettes.

Psichogios Publications (Greece)

IMG_6916IMG_6919The great thing about the Greek edition, which was based on the original Hot Key design, was that the Greek letters looked more cyrillic than our version.

Hot Key Books (UK)

IMG_6988 IMG_6991My favourite thing about the Hot Key version, other than Julian’s lovely illustration and my hand lathered type, is the big shiny gold Carnegie Medal which lets you know this book is an awesome read.

I hope you enjoyed checking out all the lovely Maggot Moon foreign edition covers as much as we did!IMG_6931