Mailing, mailing, mailing…

If anyone ever tells you publishing is a glamorous industry filled with dinners, drinks and lunches, just show them this photo:

This is far more representative of what it’s really like (in the SPAM team at least) – a lot of mailing (with a very occasional party). Yesterday, we franked and stuffed 500 envelopes with our brand new, and first, Key Notes newsletter. In fact, we franked so many envelopes that our machine “overloaded” – apparently 500 is its daily limit, so there you go – a nice frankĀ (boom, boom) fact for you.

These envelopes will be making their way around the country over the next few days to lots of bookshops telling them who we are and giving a sneak peek at what we are planning to publish this year.

But we didn’t want to leave you out…so here is some of that newsletter so you can hear more about two of our books on the launch list, right from the editors themselves…

And just so you know, A WORLD BETWEEN US made Kate Manning cry on the bus. It did, really.

Sarah B