One Ring to find them*

*’them’ being ‘books’ in this instance.

So which bit of the book to do you look at to help you decide whether to read it?  Are you a jacket and back cover copy person?  Do you read the first few lines or pick a page randomly?   (Admittedly, when MUCH younger I thought reading the last paragraph was a cunning plan.  That soon stopped when I discovered the Crime genre…)

Here at Hot Key Towers we’ve come up with a plan that should help.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Hot Key Ring!

(We also, in our rather cake based way, called it the Data Doughnut for a while.)

This little darling is going to appear on the back of every book, just by the barcode, to explain what the book is about.  This one shows the contents of SHRUNK! which we’re classing as being a mixture of ‘fun’, ‘science’, ‘friendship’ and ‘magic’, with ‘fun’ being the main element.

The themes listed, the amounts for said theme and the colours used will vary from book to book, but it will always be there, lurking with intent.

Hopefully you’ll find this useful – let us know what you think!  (And let us know if you too read the final paragraph first.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.)