Read and tell Mondays

As you know, here at Hot Key, we are People Who Love Books, as witnessed with last week’s post here.

And obviously we don’t only read books we might publish, or are publishing, so we thought every Monday, (in the vein of show and tell at school), we’ll stand up and tell you what we’ve read over the weekend, and if you want to, you can tell us what you read too.

So here goes – I’ll start us off…

I spent most of my Sunday reading this:

John Green should hopefully need no introduction to anyone (particularly being his new book The Fault in our Stars is currently riding high in the charts) and I have loved him since I read this passage in Looking For Alaska many years ago (and I wasn’t alone if you look at this tumblr).

Paper Towns takes you on a journey, like many of Green’s books, this time with the main character Quentin, as he searches for the girl next door – the mystery, the enigma of Margo Roth Spiegelman. It explores all the big themes and questions which I know I was asking myself as a teenager and I think one that sticks with us all – how we, more often than not, can love an idea of someone more than just that someone.

I think we all remember the first moment in your life where you discovered the real person didn’t live up to the image you’d built up of them in your head, and John Green captures this just perfectly here.

I just wish I could have read it when I was 17.

Sarah B

P.S. So who’s brave enough to go next?